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Not only our dream but also many ThinkPad users’ dream.

To be able to use the 7-row keyboard once again.

This dream was reborn as ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25

But it is just that, the one and only,
like the shooting star soared through the darkest night

So bright but so short

After using the 7-row keyboard,
You will see ThinkPad’s unique insights on keyboards.

You will see how the full-size keyboard can be concentrate to the limited space.

It has been 1991 days since the beginning.

From the first TrackPoint mechanical keyboard - Yoda


It was a story of 2014
It took approximately six months from designing to small batch production.

Although it was not a flawless keyboard,
It was still a keyboard contained tons of experimental ideas and the spirit of DIY

Because of this keyboard, we had had contact with Lenovo,

We can communicate with them with many thoughts and the problem, we are very thankful for Lenovo’s supports

Yoda II, it was a big leap of our idea on the keyboard.

“Is there any platform can step across the users of different systems?”
“is there any way that we don’t need to install any software in the different system?”

So, we redeveloped the firmware and made keyboards are able to switch to USB Mass Storage.

We also developed the cross-platform website configurator.

With the ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 came out,

It had deepened our idea to make a mechanical 7-row TrackPoint keyboard

We redesigned and molded the keycap in Taiwan,

Using retro 80’s spherical keycap made the keyboards more elegant but classic

We also replaced the old TrackPoint module, improved the press feedback of TrackPoint , made it steadier and more durable.

The keyboard was called Kodachi,

Using the CNC manufacturing procedure to make the casing

We took ThinkPad X61’s layout as reference,

Due to the limitation of the new keycap, it had slight difference with traditional ThinkPad 7-row keyboard.

To make a traditional ThinkPad 7-row keyboard has always been our goal and dream!

We re-deliberated and redesigned the keycap, even though the size was down to 87%, the press area was surprisingly as the same as the original one, it also represented ThinkPad’s insistence and their design concept


With big ESC and Delete keys, separated F1- F12, independent navigation keys and arrow keys, independent volume control

With the original programmable function

Our dream is coming true!!

We used “Back to the future” as a Easter egg of Kodachi is to salute the code name of the ThinkPad Anniversary edition 25- Time Machine

We sincerely hope that to produce the 7-row keyboard which is beloved by many customers, so it won’t be only on the 25th anniversary edition laptop.

We are grateful for the customers who supported us since the Yoda.

To fulfill our dream and be affirmed and liked by everyone are the best parts of designing a product

We need more supports to make the production official and let more ThinkPaders to feel how great is the 7-row keyboard once again.


    • The layout refers to SK-8855
    • Using Cherry MX series
    • 9 stages of TrackPoint Sensitivity (no driver needed)
    • TrackPoint scrolling function(vertical/horizontal )
      • #horizontal scrolling may not working in some software.
    • Mold development/ production/ assemble in Taiwan