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TEX SHINOBI - DIY build guide

TEX SHINOBI - DIY build guide

Welcome to the TEX Shinobi DIY build guide!


These instructions will teach you how to fully assemble your TEX Shinobi .

If you have any questions, please contact us (service@tex-design.com.tw)

You have received a box from TEX, this is what should be in it:

  • Trackpoint Module
  • Keycap set : Non-Print / With print ( US/EU/JP )
  • Key switch : Non-switch / With switch ( Cherry MX1A type = 100 PCS)
  • Cable : 1.5 meter ( USB A type to USB Type-C )
  • Metal plate : US-ASCII / EU-ISO / JAPANESE ( choose by yourself )
  • Case : Top / Bottom case
  • Parts:Extra keycaps / MX Low profile switch(4 pcs) / Key puller / screws / Rubber cap / O-Ring / LED ( capslock ) 


If you are missing components, please contact us right away.

Once you have accounted for all of the components it’s time to start the building process!



step 1

Plug keyboard to your computer and pretesting each key is working or not. If it isn’t working please contact us for help. # Keyboard test site


step 2

Loose 3 screws on the bottom of trackpoint module holder.

Note: Do not disassemble trackpoint module and the holder.


step 3

Install all switches and ensure that the pins on the switches are straight before you install them.


step 4

Put trackpoint module and the holder back and tighten up 3 screws on the bottom of trackpoint module holder.


step 5

Turn the PCBA back over so it is PCB side up and solder on all of the switches.


step 6

Install CapsLock LED with the long wire through the square hole and the short wire through the round hole. Solder it and then trim the wire.


step 7

Plug keyboard to your computer and then testing the switches and trackpoint module.If all goes well,stick the trackpoint PCB on the keyboard PCBA.


step 8

Put keyboard module on the bottom case and tighten up 6 screws. Screws spec:M3x5-TP3

Note: In order to avoid the screw hole stripped out, we recommended force for tightening screw is 1.5 Kgf-cm.


step 9

Assemble top and bottom case. Ensure that there is no gap between two of them.

Assembly OK
Assembly NG

step 10

Tighten up 8 screws on the bottom case. Screws spec:M3x5-TP3

Note: In order to avoid the screw hole stripped out, we recommended force for tightening screw is 1.5 Kgf-cm.


step 11

Install blue plastic cap and red rubber cap on trackpoint module.


step 12

Install keycaps. For 3 mouse keycaps, we provide O-rings to reduce key stroke if needed.

Now your TEX Shinobi is complete.

1. If you have any question , Please contact TEX service
2. If you programmable , Please go to SHINOBI Program web site


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