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Small keycap , Big change

Small keycap , Big change

Design for 7-Row keyboard with TrackPoint

Almost the same as SK-8855
A small keycap in mechanical keyboard , but that is a “Big change” in 7-row layout !!
We take a lot of time design this small keycap ( at least 3 different type sample )
Finally developed this keycap , because of this keycap , we can make almost the same as SK-8855 layout
  • Big ESC , Big Delete
  • F1 - F12
  • Navi
All ThinkPad classic layout in this keyboard - TEX Shinobi , and use mechanical switch keyboard .
After Kodachi , we do want solve layout question , that takes Jeff many time to figure this problem , without interference with the structure
Jeff design this small keycap ( we call mini ADA retro keycap )
TEX mini ADA retro keycap
Compared with standard 1X1 keycap
Even though the size was down to 87%, the press area was surprisingly as the same as the original one, it also represented ThinkPad’s insistence and their design concept
For now , we try to figure layout problem , we want build real 7-Row mechanical keyboard with TrackPoint !!
We will keep going , Please keep support and follow us !!


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